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Haroonabad (Urdu: ) is a town of Bahawalnagar District, in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The town is the headquarters of Haroonabad Tehsil and administrative subdivision of the district.[1]

Most of the people are farmers owning small pieces of land.Literacy Rate is low but people are concentrating on getting more and more technical and professional education.

Haroon Abad History

Haroonabad was established in 1920's and was named after one of the sons of Nawab of Bahawalpur, as it was a new town in the State of Bahawalpur.

The city of Haroonabad is located on the edge of the Cholistan desert in southern Punjab province, close to the Indian border. In 1998 the population was 63,000 (Population Census Organization, 2001) and apart from the small-scale seasonal, cotton-related industrial activities such as washing and ginning (separation of seeds and fibre), there was no major industry in the town.


The average climate of Haroonabad is quite warm, hot and humid. But the weather of the city is extreme during the months of May, June, and July, when the temperature reaches up to 49-50 °C. In August, the monsoon seasons starts, with heavy rainfall throughout the area. December and January are the coldest months, when temperatures can drop up to -1 °C.
The annual average rainfall is 160 mm whereas the potential evaporation is of 2500 mm approximately

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This city is situated in south-east of Pakistan and in the south of Bahawalnagar on a distance of 50km. The population of the city is around 100,000. In its east, there is the border of India, in its west Chishtian is located, Bahawalnagar lies in its north side and Fortabbas is in its south.

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